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Escrow Taxes


Most lenders require an escrow account to be set up as part of your monthly mortgage payment. From those funds, they request and pay your insurance and real estate taxes. Your lender or their representative must request the tax bill writing each year or the bill will be mailed to you.


I received the bill, but it should have gone to my lender

This means your lender did not request it. Forward the bill to your lender and advise them that they will need to request it in the future.


I do not have an escrow account and did not receive my tax bill/I paid off my loan and should have received the tax bill

The answer is the same for both of the situations. Contact the Collector’s office for a copy and request all future bills be mailed to you. We have created a special code number to assure future bills go to the taxpayer that over-rides any request received from a lender. If you receive a refund of any escrow balance from your lender, make sure your final insurance and tax payments were made before cashing the refund.