General Information Regarding Documents

All documents (with the exception of Marriage Records and Military Records) are recorded in this office using a Grantor (i.e., the party who is acting) and Grantee (i.e., the party being acted upon) system.  Documents filed after 1966 (except Military Records) are computerized and searchable by public access computers in this office.  The older documents are searchable by a system of index books located in this office.   Our staff and volunteers are working daily to make earlier documents searchable by computer.  We will update our web site periodically to let you know the earliest documents available by computer search.

General Index

This office has real estate records back to the founding of the county in 1845. This includes deeds, deeds of trust and other documents related to and/or which attach themselves to real property.  Copies of documents involving immediate transfer of real property ownership are forwarded daily to the Texas County Tax Assessor’s office, so that property tax records may be updated promptly.


Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Filings

Almost all UCC filings as of July 1, 2008 should be filed with the Missouri Secretary of State’s office.  Please refer to the Missouri Secretary of State’s web site ( for specific filing information.  However, UCC FIXTURE FILINGS are still filed, recorded and indexed at the county level in this office.


State and Federal Tax Liens

Indexed by taxpayer name and maintained in this office.  The index provides the taxpayer name, address, type of tax lien (sales, withholding, income, etc.) and the lien amount.


Marriage Licenses

This office maintains marriage license records from 1855** – present.  Licenses are indexed by both bride and groom.  Both applications and licenses are maintained here, however, only licenses are available for public review.  Available information includes bride and groom names, city of residence, age, date and location of ceremony, the person or persons performing the ceremony, and other information in some cases.  A monthly report is sent electronically to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Bureau of Vital Records containing information from marriage license applications. **Please note that Missouri recognized common law marriages until 1922; i.e., not all persons married in Missouri obtained a marriage license.  In other cases, marriage licenses obtained in this office were never returned and therefore are not recorded.


Military Records

This office maintains military discharge records (DD214) from 1918 –present, but only of those service members who brought their DD214 Form to this office to be recorded.  This index includes name, date of discharge, address at date of discharge, service branch and other limited biographical information.  These records are not for public review.  Copies may be obtained only be authorized parties.


Survey Records

This office maintains certain survey records from 1856** – present.  **Please note there is NO requirement under Missouri law that a survey be recorded unless the survey is performed by the County Surveyor.  However, all surveys done by Texas County Surveyor are recorded in this office (to include those the County Surveyor does for private parties).  These and all other surveys sent to the State Surveyor’s office may be viewed online at  Surveyed section corners may be viewed online at


Document Retrieval and Genealogy Searching

Recorder’s office staff will assist in the retrieval, copying, etc. of all documents available for public review; provided an appropriate request is made and all related fees are paid at the time of service (unless prior arrangements are made with the Texas County Recorder).  Persons needing special accommodations, as may be defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1969 (as amended), should notify office staff of such need upon their arrival to this office.  Recorder’s office staff will comply with all reasonable requests for accommodation.  An appropriate request shall mean that the requestor provides Recorder’s office staff with sufficient information to identify the document requested.  Recorder’s office staff are not bonded, or certified to, nor will perform “title search” work or genealogical search work.  Should you need a professional search to locate/obtain desired document(s), the Recorder’s office staff will provide the names and contact numbers of local title searchers.